Atorry releases new music video LOL

South Sudanese singer and rapper Atorry also known as Bior Ajang Duot has released a new music video LOL.

Atorry who has been in the game for about a decade has finally shot his first music video and the quality is just splendid.

The singer and song writer who is based in Canada has about 50 songs on YouTube and other stores specializing in music distribution.

Currently, the musician is in Alberta Canada and plans to move to BC in sept to resume his studies. The video was directed and filmed by Presso from grenada.

Presso is a known artist in his country and is now working on promoting young talent by giving them the opportunity to upgrade their career.

The I gone singer has his own YouTube channel under his name. If you are in Canada and in need of quality videos for your songs, contact him on his Facebook or follow the description in the music link below

Top 5 South Sudanese female musicians

Consistency is one of the issue affecting the female artists in South Sudan, most of them are on and off but today we present to you the top 5

5. Nicky Jay

She is a young talented south Sudanese female dancehall artist, she has a unique hardcore vocal which is similar to the Ugandan’s sensational Cindy she gives the impression of the real dancehall music, after returning home from Kampala she has definitely come to stay and prove the critics wrong, She’s Currently signed under AKA Kreative she is behind Hit songs like “Kini-Kini” 

4. Rebecca Trey

The “Chikompola” hit singer always leaves the stage with her fans expecting more and more of her performance as she is always full of energy, and she’s always in love with her performance, other than that the singer recently surface on the I am peace project and she’s currently in Uganda working on more songs. 

3. Trisha Cee

Most female artist that first rose to fame with her are nowhere to be seen but she has kept it real with creativity energy and persistence she is undeniably talented, her lyricism and word play are amazing  she has solidified her name, with the recent collabo with the rapper One Pound “Kalas” 

2. Tutu Baibe

as an artist is talented and well behaved not only that, she is also an activist she rose to fame with songs like Acha-Chak and football, she is the most awarded south Sudanese female artist and, with a wider fan base in east Africa she is vocal and instrumental in bringing about Change to the communities within the reach of her music. She recently founded the Tutu Foundation to take care of homeless and street kids

1.Queen Zee

the queen is back and persistent of recent she has shared stage with the Nigerian superstar Ice prince in Egypt, The party girl singer is the finest and most versatile renown female artist constantly she is representing the country musically, highly respected she’s amongst the first few voices we’ve always heard while listening to south Sudanese music, and Queen is signed to Willy Promotions 

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Top ten comedians in South Sudan

It’s hard to rank who the best is in the country in the comedy arena. Many are trying harder to outdo one another and besides imperfections, the comedians are doing a great job in keeping the country entertained 24/7.

1. VIP is one of the most celebrated comedians and also an artist. Through this two, he has managed to scoop a lot of gigs within Juba and throughout the country.

Through the twist of accents digging into the comics of native junubin with his energy on stage performances he has always left his audience hungry for more of his jokes, he is one of pioneers of the comedy industry the main pillars of Kilkilu And Comedy Xtra along with other comedians. 

2. wokil Jechkomando.

His hilarious jokes have established him as the household name in the South Sudan Comedy Industry recently awarded as the Comedian of the year 2018 – 2019 he mainly imitates soldier characters in his comedy leaving the fans’ ribs paining as of his well thought jokes. People sometimes refer to him as “manyang”

3. South Sudan King of Comedy Comedian Feel Free

He is the only comedian with a registered Entertainment Company with artists, group of dancers and comedians signed under him, he has been on stage with comedians like Eric Omondi From Kenya and Salvatore from Uganda, He happens to be the tallest stand up comedian in town. 

4. Comedian Maduool.

The name alone can even give you a clue of how funny he is , he recently trends online with his short comedy videos and live stage. With his self loathing rants, Junubin across the globe started recognizing his talent tracing back to 2014. He has a great sense of humour and the types of pictures he posts on net are just rib cracking.

5. Ak Dan

Ak Dan is a top comedian who is purely confident and does his job to the max. He has been featured in shows like that of Churchill live in Kenya and up to date his game is super strong. A guy with brilliant brain and an academic giant people will live to respect.

6. Comedian Pagor

Of all Junubin comedians, Pagor is one guy who is easy going and tolerate everything hauled back at him by his audience. He started of as a musician in the states and is now a full time entertainer who throws Facebook live videos which are watched by whole lot of people.

7. Comedian Bingo

Bingo started his career in Kakuma in the year 2005 and has been pushing on tirelessly. His red gum and comical gestures keep his audience’s eyes glued on him from minute one till he is done. He has worked with Miraya Fm and other non governmental organizations in the country. Bingo used to teach comedy in Kakuma alongside many other known comedians who have now retired due to responsibility influx.

8. Mc Junior Dau

Just like his buddy Bingo, the dude is a mentor and a former teacher who has kept his feet in his position although he barely goes on the podium to showcase his talent. Dau is one guy you can interact with on Facebook and have a day full of laughter. Besides comedy, he is a University graduate who is very fluent in English.

9. Saluuk Maywill

Saluuk Maywill is one guy you will always find on Facebook cracking jokes and posting extremely hilarious pictures. He is rising to fame and his audience is growing day in day out. He updates on daily basis and on top of that, he is very respectful and knows how to attract specific target group.


Amidst the dilemmas chaos and and above all the blame game in the Music fraternity, currently there is a need of not just speaking out the truth but translating it into action. There is so much to be done but when all is said and not done it further drags down the industry.

“a success of a promotion company is not determined by the number of artists signed but by the success of an artist even if it one crossing borders and benefiting and gaining as a result of his or her talent promoted ” says K2

He further stressed that K2 Promotion is focusing not on numbers but quality work and quality work requires resources, it won’t be good signing artists and later on not pushing their talents to the appropriate avenues where they can grow.

We will sign but not many that we won’t be able to support at least one at a time, but we will surely help as many as we can to organize concerts and give guidance wherever and whenever necessary concluded the Managing Director of K2 Promotions and Events.


It is close to a decade since the establishment of the biggest promotions company known as K2 Promotions and Event today, throughout the years of its operations the company has maintain its stands despite the obstacles and it is set to pursue all that is necessary to reach a recognized  standard of an International Promotional and Events company.

Connecting to world and with a vision of exporting raw untapped talents of South Sudan to the world, constantly we have been motivated by the happiness of our indigenous people and their massive turn up and support for all the events we have been setting forth and that for sure we shall follow and uphold at all cost.

Of recent we have noticed something unusual, it is neither competition nor is it a pure concern, and as we all know K2 promotions is the only company bringing international artists for concerts in Juba a move that has always existed and something many promotional companies have been doing.

At this moment we are at the verge of peace and with no ill intentions K2 Promotion & Events will always be what it has been through the 9 years of experience.

The Industry surely has no direction and less cooperation and for it to grow we have to put our interest and difference a side, and awaken the common call of professionalism and doing what is appealing and acceptable.

Top 10 Music Industry Tips For Every Musician

Study Your Competition and Help Yourself Get Heard

The connectivity, the freedom, the speed, Netflix.

Anyone can record music and upload it to a billion strong audience on a Sunday evening and be discovered by a taste maker the very next day!

All this freedom, speed, and connection, only means that the market for music has become over saturated.

There’s too much choice.
Too many channels.
Too little time.

And way too many people saying they have the best music.

It’s paralysing.

Today’s environment for music is competitive. More competitive than ever.

So, how do you get heard in amongst all the noise?

And how will you get noticed above the rest of the rabble?

Music itself isn’t competitive, it’s not a sport, it’s an art; there are no winners and losers.

If you want to get noticed, heard and reach a wider audience, understanding your competition will only help you.

So what can you do to get the upper hand on your competition?

Understanding who your competition is will give you an insight into the sorts of things your target audience are consuming.

Not everyone will have the same competition as each other.

But once you realize who your direct competition is you can start analysing the details of your ideal audience and tailoring your marketing toward them.

It sounds so obvious,

But this can help you to concentrate your powers on places you know your audience will be.

For example, it may be best to focus on getting featured in publications that you already know your competitors have been featured in.

This ensures that those pesky gatekeepers are more receptiveto your music as well as their readers.

By understanding your competition you will find it easier to offer something different and new for your fans.

Does your competition play live shows?

Does your competition have regularly updated social media feed?

Does your competition have any merchandising available?

Maybe this is something you should think about for yourself to differentiate and get the leg up on your competition.

Also, having a team to work alongside you to build campaigns for your releases will always play against who your competition is and how to get you noticed.

Who is this team?

Your team could consist of managers, promotion teams, DJS,record labels or anyone who’s focused on getting your music heard above the rest of your competition.

And remember, there are only so many radio hours in the day, only so many pages in a publication, and thousands fighting for blog features every single day.

You’re not just competing for fans, your competing for airtime, blog space and page spreads.

the more influential and powerful your team is, the more leverage they have for achieving your results.

Competition is a fact of any industry and especially in this industry where there are so many musicians chasing after the same dream.

If you’re a newcomer and you haven’t yet made a name for yourself, your competition will be a lot heavier.

But as you start to get noticed, as you start to get booked for shows, you’ll see your competition starting to slide beneath you as you begin to be more well known and remarked upon for who you are.

You may have amazing songs and you may well be very talented but if no one can hear you, no one will ever find out.

Jose Chameleon set to perform in our event in Juba

International music legend Jose Chameleon is expected in the country this year for performances in Juba.

The Ugandan hitmaker popular for the 2015 hit ‘wale wale’ will perform alongside Coozos Clan, Rocky J, Hardlife Avenue crew, Tutu Baibe, MT7 and many other talented South Sudanese musicians.

The singer is excited about the show and he is honored to entertain his fans with greatness.

The concerts are scheduled for December 28 at Secret Corner, 29th at Juba Basketball Court and final show at Freedom hall on 30th for Miss Achai Wiir Beauty Contest.

We have assured the singer that this time we will beef up the security status compared to his past experience.

Pre-tickets are on sale and you can buy or book at all Achai Wiir’s business sites.
See you there!