It is close to a decade since the establishment of the biggest promotions company known as K2 Promotions and Event today, throughout the years of its operations the company has maintain its stands despite the obstacles and it is set to pursue all that is necessary to reach a recognized  standard of an International Promotional and Events company.

Connecting to world and with a vision of exporting raw untapped talents of South Sudan to the world, constantly we have been motivated by the happiness of our indigenous people and their massive turn up and support for all the events we have been setting forth and that for sure we shall follow and uphold at all cost.

Of recent we have noticed something unusual, it is neither competition nor is it a pure concern, and as we all know K2 promotions is the only company bringing international artists for concerts in Juba a move that has always existed and something many promotional companies have been doing.

At this moment we are at the verge of peace and with no ill intentions K2 Promotion & Events will always be what it has been through the 9 years of experience.

The Industry surely has no direction and less cooperation and for it to grow we have to put our interest and difference a side, and awaken the common call of professionalism and doing what is appealing and acceptable.

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