Amidst the dilemmas chaos and and above all the blame game in the Music fraternity, currently there is a need of not just speaking out the truth but translating it into action. There is so much to be done but when all is said and not done it further drags down the industry.

“a success of a promotion company is not determined by the number of artists signed but by the success of an artist even if it one crossing borders and benefiting and gaining as a result of his or her talent promoted ” says K2

He further stressed that K2 Promotion is focusing not on numbers but quality work and quality work requires resources, it won’t be good signing artists and later on not pushing their talents to the appropriate avenues where they can grow.

We will sign but not many that we won’t be able to support at least one at a time, but we will surely help as many as we can to organize concerts and give guidance wherever and whenever necessary concluded the Managing Director of K2 Promotions and Events.

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