With the love for Entertainment, Socialization and refreshment growing everyday the competition has been stiff, as the emerging places try to topple the existing hangouts especially after undergoing series of renovations. What is so amazing about this moves is the old management from the Directors to the subordinates are always overhauled giving room to fresh ideas and directives. What Could be the next big move for De’Space Lounge?

De’Space Lounge & Restaurants seeks to go beyond the usual and it has so far crossed the extra miles by shifting in East African Heavyweights Like Harmonize from Tanzania, Jose Chameleon and Weasel from Uganda just to perform for the grand opening schedule June 22nd 2019 along with the sons of the soil Wj De king, Cj Oman and Menimeen.

With just a few days to beat the dateline the party animals are eagerly waiting to party and chill at the place that has been hyped not only on the social media but almost all the streets of Juba, The question is obvious Will Space Accommodate the demands of the pubic or will it exceed?

With the recent concluded event Miss Abyei beauty pageant, K2 promotions the biggest promotion power house hopes to beat the odds in collaboration with Management of De’ Space Lounge urging the party lovers to expect the best.

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