It’s not easy to stay relevant in the ever evolving music industry. Not so many musicians are able to achieve this feat. To have a hit song year in, year out. 

Here are five tips that today’s hottest artists use — intentionally or unintentionally — to stay relevant.

1. Understand your demographic.

Every other time, a new younger artiste pops up. And every time new talent emerges, it means new styles or trends are born. The music industry is bolstered by coming-of-age fans who are always on the hunt for fresh, relatable tunes. By understanding your demographic is, such as teen fans, you can make sure the music that you’re writing will speak to them. Most fans look for music and lyrics they can connect with; if you can provide this, if you can speak to them through your music, you have succeeded in remaining a constant figure in their music life whom they will look to for fresh content.

2. Stay updated.

Music is a full time job, and it requires staying up to date in order to come up with music which syncs with modern day speak, jargon and activities. You have seen musician who come up with music that talk about an event or jargon that is viral. Such musician stay updated. The best way to do this is to spread yourself out on social media and follow many popular people who are likely to keep up with the trends.

By staying updated with the current trends, you will have a better idea of what people are currently interested in, and thus know how to better brand and market yourself and your music.

4. Don’t stop marketing yourself 

In order to remain relevant and talked about, you need to get your name out there and stand out. Some musicians stop putting in effort when they get up there, and that’s mainly the reason why they fall from grace

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