K2 Promotions and Events company held two concerts in Juba on 22nd June and 14th July at De Space Lounge and Nyakuruon Cultural center respectively. The concerts attracted a combination of over 25,000 music lovers from all over South Sudan. 

Tanzanian star, Harmoinze, made the show a success by giving an eminent performance ever recorded in Juba. Many chanted his name as others danced to his music. It was a colorful event that will never be erased from our archive.

As the organizer of the event, it’s never too late to thank everyone who contributed to the success of our concerts. The sponsors and the music lovers who never disappointed by matching in the venues in massive numbers. You all played big roles and we thank you for that. 

Besides, we have big events coming before the end of this year; which includes Face Of Kush – a beauty pageant for male and female models that will take place in Kampala on 22nd of November and also Miss Achai Wiir Beauty Pageant – a beauty pageant that calls an end in child marriage, promotes and empowers the roles of women in our community. It will be our second edition and will take place on 13th December in Juba. 

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