The most dreaded month of January that is for a best reason known to many. Everyone in Juba hates January because of its financial ‘dryness’ bearing in mind that it comes immediately after the December festivities where a lot of finances are spent. January is considered a difficult and most depressing month, especially for Juba city dwellers. City dwellers devise various ways of surviving on what they describe as the longest month of the year. As a Juba city dweller, here are tips on how to survive January.

  1. Budget

It will be prudent for you to budget for the little money you have. Prioritize the budget on essential items that you must have to survive.

  • Sell unwanted stuff

You can decide to sell the items that you no longer need. The items could be an old TV set, radio or fridge, that slick watch you don’t wear anymore.

These items are saleable to second-hand dealers or you can convince your friend to buy them.

  • Use public bus services

Instead of using spending thousands of pounds on your car fuel take a public bus known to many as ‘mousalat’ to and from work, or you can opt for a bicycle ride to work.

It is cheap, reliable and faster to use a bicycle. For instance, if you live in Hai Amarat and work in Juba town, trek or better take a bike to your workplace.

  • Go for affordable items

If you have to buy things like clothes or household items this January then it will be good to consider buying cheap items. forget that designer clothes your nigga whose dad is looting the county day and night is wearing.

You will save a lot of money if you opt for cheap items.

  • Avoid luxury To survive

Forget about eating meat daily or going to your favourite joint for some drinks.

Instead of eating meat daily, you can opt for vegetables that are cheap and healthy.

  • Go for cheap brands and discounted items

To survive brokenness in Juba, you must not stick to your favourite brand.

It will save you money if you opt for cheap and discounted brands.

For example, instead of buying milk from your favorite brand, you can consider milk from milk vendors.

  • Avoid debts

Try as much as you can to avoid debts this January. Stay within your little financial limits until the month ends.

Taking debts will pile pressure on you once the month ends and you have more bills to pay.

  • Stay indoors

Instead of going to places that will force you to spend money this January it will be good if you stay indoors to avoid temptations.

  • Ignore TV or WI-FI subscriptions

You can decide to ignore the monthly TV subscription and channel the money to other needy areas.

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