A South Sudanese family in Aweil State on Sunday allowed a man to marry their 20-year-old daughter without a dowry.

The wedding witnessed by about 2000 people saw Atong Aguer Aguer get wed to her husband, Arou Arou Deng, 27.

The event held in Aweil town is considered to be the first step in changing the centuries-long tradition of dowries payment common among the Dinka and the Nuer.

Santino Diing Gob, a representative of the bride’s family, while speaking to media said that the lady was married off without dowry payment.

Diing stated dowry payment shouldn’t be seen as a must requirement for a marriage to happen.

He lauded his Pachier clan for taking the first step that might lead to free marriage in the country.

Within the Dinka tradition, men willing to marry need to convince the girl’s family that they have got the favoured traits and are in a position to take prime care of their daughter, and that is portrayed by way and means of dowry payment.

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