Bongo flavor legend Lucas Mkenda, popularly known by his stage name Mr Nice, has revealed why he had to move out of his home country, Tanzania, to go and live in Uganda.

Mr Nice who made headlines before the rise of the likes of Diamond Platnumz, Ali Kiba among others, says Tanzanians were making fun of him which forced him to move to Uganda.

The ‘Kikulacho’ hitmaker is currently living in Uganda’s capital Kampala where he says he is much respected and valued.

In a viral video shared on social media on Friday, he says he is in Kampala because that’s where he is making money.

“I go where I see am making money, or you wanted me to stay at home so that you keep on laughing at me like you used to do? It is not impressive and that’s why our President, Mr Magufuli has been saying ‘work, stop gossips’.

(Mimi naenda pale ambapo naona napata pesa, ama mlitaka niendelee kukaa pale nyumbani ili muendelee kunicheka? Hio haipendezi na ndio maana kila siku ata rais wetu Bw Magufuli amekuwa akituambia fanyeni kazi acheni umbea),” Mr Nice said in a video shared on Instagram.

In recent weeks, Mr Nice has been on the receiving end with his country people, who have been saying the singer is broke and sick.

However, the singer says is not broke and his health is in good shape.

“Stop backbiting me. I am sick? Suffering from what? (Acheni kunisema vibaya. Mimi naumwa? Naumwa wapi sasa?),” he posed.

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