The Kingdom of the Netherlands has contributed $3 million for supporting stability and facilitating a resolution to the conflict in the Abyei area.

The support will be channeled through the International Organization, IOM.

Since 2005, Abyei has remained a contested area being claimed by Sudan and South Sudan.

The donation comes two weeks after more than 30 people including children were killed in Kolom village of Abeyi area by armed Messeriya men.

IOM says due to its status, Abyei has remained deprived of resources for basic services when much of the infrastructure has been destroyed during episodes of violence related to longstanding inter-communal tensions in the area.

The support by the Dutch Government, was signed on Tuesday by IOM and the embassy of the Netherlands in Juba.

“Under this project, IOM will strengthen peace and social cohesion amongst communities in Abyei, whilst supporting a conducive environment for recovery through tailored livelihoods and psychosocial support to enable communities to become more resilient to shocks, whilst creating productive and beneficial outputs for the wider region,” said IOM South Sudan Chief of Mission, Jean-Philippe Chauzy.

He added that peacebuilding activities, including community dialogues, and social, cultural, and recreational activities, are critical for peaceful cohesion.

For her part, Netherlands’ ambassador in Juba Ms. Janet Alberda said the support will create tranquility for conflict resolution.

“The Netherlands wants to contribute to a stable and more peaceful Abyei, putting the needs of people first, and create a conducive environment for conflict resolution amongst the local communities,” she stressed.

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