President Salva Kiir has paid tribute to the late President Daniel Moi, saying he will remain an icon of peace in South Sudan.

Kiir said Moi was considered a hero of Independence and freedom and South Sudan was affected by his death.

He recalled an encounter he had with Moi in 2005.

“While I was one of the chief negotiators of the peace agreement in 2005, I heard Moi say and I quote as a stateman and a son of Africa …Vice president Ali Osman, leave the people of South Sudan to be free,” Kiir said.

He further said Moi was filled with love and compassion and he demonstrated it to Sudan when two Sudanese women were swept away by floods along Langata Road.

“Moi heard the news and afterwards he personally went to pay tribute to the families of the two girls. This symbolises his love for children and the people of South Sudan,” Kiir said.

In addition, he said Moi was humble.

“To President Uhuru and the people of Kenya , South Sudan is the product of his work and his legacy forever  remains with us.”

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