After a thrilling performance in Kampala Miss Abyei  beauty pageant last month, rumors are circulating that this morning the Gondo Boy popularly known as John Frog has hit the gym in preparation for the concert scheduled for this Saturday 22nd at De Space Lounge & Restaurant.

The singer is said to have shown a keen interest to face harmonize the happy birthday hit-maker on a live band on stage Battle, while hitting the gym in the suburbs of Gudele, Gondo explained that he wants to be the first to challenge the Wasafi signed artists.

we were unable to reach out to John Frog for comments immediately however we wish him all the best as he represents the gondojins.


Surely the Late Legendary Moses Nakintije Ssekibogo also known as Mowzey Radio of Goodlfye might be gone but surely not forgotten, while Wj De King of Lokwilili was touring Kampala he paid a courtesy visit to Radio’s home in Makindye, this is a great gesture as music goes beyond the studio reaching deep down to the soul.

The visit came a head of his scheduled upcoming concert dubbed as The Grand Opening of De Space Lounge which is due to take place on 22nd this Month. He had this to say on his social media…

I got some time Yesterday to visit the Home of the Late General Mosey Radio The Music Soulja of The GoodLyfe May Your Soul Rest In Peace
Miss you so Much Soulja
Lokwilli kingdom
Now &Forever
Your Music is still alive Brother


With the love for Entertainment, Socialization and refreshment growing everyday the competition has been stiff, as the emerging places try to topple the existing hangouts especially after undergoing series of renovations. What is so amazing about this moves is the old management from the Directors to the subordinates are always overhauled giving room to fresh ideas and directives. What Could be the next big move for De’Space Lounge?

De’Space Lounge & Restaurants seeks to go beyond the usual and it has so far crossed the extra miles by shifting in East African Heavyweights Like Harmonize from Tanzania, Jose Chameleon and Weasel from Uganda just to perform for the grand opening schedule June 22nd 2019 along with the sons of the soil Wj De king, Cj Oman and Menimeen.

With just a few days to beat the dateline the party animals are eagerly waiting to party and chill at the place that has been hyped not only on the social media but almost all the streets of Juba, The question is obvious Will Space Accommodate the demands of the pubic or will it exceed?

With the recent concluded event Miss Abyei beauty pageant, K2 promotions the biggest promotion power house hopes to beat the odds in collaboration with Management of De’ Space Lounge urging the party lovers to expect the best.


Amidst the dilemmas chaos and and above all the blame game in the Music fraternity, currently there is a need of not just speaking out the truth but translating it into action. There is so much to be done but when all is said and not done it further drags down the industry.

“a success of a promotion company is not determined by the number of artists signed but by the success of an artist even if it one crossing borders and benefiting and gaining as a result of his or her talent promoted ” says K2

He further stressed that K2 Promotion is focusing not on numbers but quality work and quality work requires resources, it won’t be good signing artists and later on not pushing their talents to the appropriate avenues where they can grow.

We will sign but not many that we won’t be able to support at least one at a time, but we will surely help as many as we can to organize concerts and give guidance wherever and whenever necessary concluded the Managing Director of K2 Promotions and Events.


It is close to a decade since the establishment of the biggest promotions company known as K2 Promotions and Event today, throughout the years of its operations the company has maintain its stands despite the obstacles and it is set to pursue all that is necessary to reach a recognized  standard of an International Promotional and Events company.

Connecting to world and with a vision of exporting raw untapped talents of South Sudan to the world, constantly we have been motivated by the happiness of our indigenous people and their massive turn up and support for all the events we have been setting forth and that for sure we shall follow and uphold at all cost.

Of recent we have noticed something unusual, it is neither competition nor is it a pure concern, and as we all know K2 promotions is the only company bringing international artists for concerts in Juba a move that has always existed and something many promotional companies have been doing.

At this moment we are at the verge of peace and with no ill intentions K2 Promotion & Events will always be what it has been through the 9 years of experience.

The Industry surely has no direction and less cooperation and for it to grow we have to put our interest and difference a side, and awaken the common call of professionalism and doing what is appealing and acceptable.